Homologado derives from the verb homologar, this in turn means making two or more things equal or equivalent, this is frequently used in educational or academic settings and equally in areas such as law.

Homologado derives from the Greek homólogos whose interpretation is to agree. Commonly the documents are those that are usually homologados, and when someone uses this term it is to make it clear that the document they have is accredited.

For something to be homologado, it must be evidenced that said person fulfilled all requirements.

Homologado in Sports

This term in the area has an important relevance. Since athletes are often subjected to tests and these have to be carried out by accredited institutions.

So approved in sports is to give an authorized body the validity of the result of a sports test.

Homologado in Rights

In this area, the homologado term is when a judge declares the validity of the parties’ acts and agreements to give them greater firmness.

Homologado in Education

In this area it is the validation of an academic degree in a certain country for its subsequent knowledge in other nations.

There is also talk of homologado when someone needs to move from one institution to another in order to complete their studies.

The subjects already taken need to be homologadas by the institution so that in the subsequent institution it is not seen as an obligation to repeat.

Homologado in Economy

In this area it is the action of defining equality to two goods, evaluating their physical characteristics, zone or location, time, conservation, quality, surface, among others.


On Netflix there is the movie “ the hole” , in which we can often find the word homologado.

This is used by one of the characters who often says that he will get his homologado title.

This phrase can be interpreted as the fact that you will obtain your title accredited by the relevant authorities for its validity.