Formerly in the 19th century, Hortera was the word used to designate people who had a freelance job, a business.

These people wore clothes with striking style, but scruffy and classless. Therefore, starting in 1970, they began to use this word to refer to a person without class.

Characteristics of Hortera

The hortería, not only serves to classify with bad taste to dress, but they are called horteras, those who commit vulgarity, ordinariness.

Why go from classifying a merchant as hortera, to classifying a simple person who does not dress in fashion? This is simple, many independent merchants stopped being a simple street kiosk.

In the 21st century, there are so many businesses and so much technology that a considerable number of entrepreneurs manage their businesses intelligently. This is noticeable from the administrative part to physically in the establishment where they are located.

Hortera: new album by Varry Brava.

On the other hand, leaving bad taste behind, Varry Brava and his Murcian trio arrive on August 28 with their new album “Hortera”, with 10 songs with quite mixed rhythms.

This album is so varied that its style is made up of Latin and electronic characteristics in total balance.

In addition, with the first advances that the band gave us with the songs: “Loco” and “Luces de Neón” we realize that Varry Brava will take us back to its beginnings.

If we compare the word Hortera with the record of this great artist and his Murcian trio, we realize that the air it transmits is not vulgar or out of style.

On the contrary, the style transmitted from his first musical advances, suggests that there is simply a conjugation of rhythms, stages and colors.

Even, the explanation given by the band for their fourth preview of the album, the song “Mi mejor momento” << It is probably the most casual and tacky song on the album, we love it >>.