When something is Imprevisible, does not happen at the predicted times, or cannot be predicted. If the trains were impredecibles, they would not follow an established schedule and you would never know when one would arrive.

Synonym of Imprevisible: Unpredictable, Unexpected, Random, Uncertain

imprevisible things tend to behave in ways that cannot be predicted, such as an unpredictable boss or unpredictable weather

Examples of sentences with the word imprevisible.

  • Unfortunately, the result of this type of treatment can be quite imprevisible.
  • It’s fun being with him, but sometimes it can be a little impredecible, you never know what kind of humor he’ll be in.
  • The audit time is a little impredecible, it depends on how everything is going.

You already know the meaning of Imprevisible.