You may be wondering what the word jangueo means , a word used in great variety in the street environment. Next we will show you what is the meaning of jangueo and what are its hidden origins.

The origin of Jangueo comes from the English language, specifically the term “Hang Out” which, in turn, means “Going out.”

For its part, the definition of Jangueo is “Walking the streets in a party attitude”, in this way this term is usually used on the Island of Puerto Rico .

It is said that when someone is “jangeando” he is usually found, consuming alcoholic beverages or other substances.

The jangueo is an integral part of the famous partying attitude characteristic of the islands of Puerto Rico and the Dominican Republic. This is a fully nocturnal activity, where the most active hours are those at dawn.


  • “ Last night we went out in jangueo until late ”: Last night we went out to party until very late.
  • “ Today I want to ride in jangueó ”: Today I want to go outside to party and drink.

Jangueo in music

In the world of urban music, the word jangueo is one that is never missing in each song due to the environment in which they belong.

Among some of the songs where this term appears are: “jangueo” by Alex Rose , or “Night of Jangueo” by Alcangel .

Now you know what Jangueo means .