Jevi is a very popular slang in the Dominican Republic, and you may have heard it before, But if you are here it is because you want to know the meaning of jevi. will tell you next what jevi means in the Dominican Republic.

Jevi is an expression that can have several concepts depending on the context, but they are all related. Jevi is a synonym with very good, understood, I agree, cool, crisp, and can basically replace any word that expresses conformity. Another meaning jevi can take is “incredible”.

Now we will show several examples of how this word can be used:

  • Jose, yesterday we won every basketball game. Answer : Jevi Manuel
  • What you showed me a week ago was jevi, I have to see it again.
  • That little boy did something super jevi; super high jump.

You know what Jevi means

Other meanings that may be of interest: