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Definition of Jiripoya

Jiripoya is a common malsonante in Spain, the original term is Gilipolla which is commonly used as an insult. Stay at so you know the origin of Jiripoya.

Jiropoya or better said asshole is a term used to describe a person as stupid or stupid. The origin of this word is linked to the Caló language, a language used by gypsies especially in Spain.

Jill in caló is stupid, silly or clumsy and cock that in Spain is synonymous with penis. It is for this that the etymology of this word can be interpreted as a vulgar and foolish person.

This term has synonyms depending on the country, for example:

  • Mexico – asshole
  • Chile – huevón
  • Argentina – boludo
  • Dominican republic- palomo

In Spain it is common to say phrases such as “she is bullshit”, this means that what said person is doing or the situation that is happening at that moment is stupid.

When a person is called jiripoya or asshole, in short, they are saying you are stupid or moronic.  


  • Your boyfriend behaved like an asshole at dinner.
  • Marcos only does bullshit.
  • Doing this task is bullshit.