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Definition of Joseo

The word Joseo is one that enjoys great popularity in the colloquial language of the Dominican Republic. This street term is associated with work and progress, but it means much more. Next, we will show you what joseo means and what its origins are.

Meaning of Joseo in Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, the meaning of joseo is the “Action to achieve something in a skillful and determined way.”

Everything seems to indicate that the origin of Joseo comes from the English language, to be exact of the word “Hustler”.

Hustler is a term used in the United States to refer to a scammer, scammer or search for lives.

This term in the Dominican Republic, beginning strongly related to crime, being thus used in situations of trafficking of illegal substances or armed robbery.


  • “Tonight I’m in Joseo” – Tonight I’m looking for a crime to get money.

Currently the word joseo is used in a general way to designate the action of achieving something with cunning and determination.


  • “I’m josejo a little wine for tomorrow’s meeting.” – I’m trying to get a wine for tomorrow’s meeting.
  • “Pablo josea his quiet” – Pablo gets his things in a discreet way.
  • “Ana is a jockey ahead” – Ana is very good at getting things.

In the world of Dominican urban music, the use of joseo is very frequent and widespread among the exponents of that genre.

As a sample of the street experiences in search of getting money and progress, the word joseo is one of the favorites in urban letters.

A small example of the use of this term is in the song “pompous” of the singer El Alfa the boss.

“Pomposo, dangerous
I joseo and with you I enjoy it ”

El Alfa el jefe.

Other meanings of Joseo:

  1. The meaning of Joseo in Mexico refers to the act of digging through rubble or garbage in search of something.
  2. In Colombia, the meaning of Joseo is also related to the act of searching.
    You already know what Joseo means in Spanish

You know what Joseo meaning in spanish