The word KLK can be found in Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico and any other Spanish-speaking country, but it is originally from the Dominican Republic . Here at we will explain with examples the meaning of klk . Do we start

The first thing we should know is that “klk” is an acronym , and these are terms formed by the initial letters of two or more words.

Let’s look at some examples of widely used acronyms:

  • RD. Dominican Republic
  • DNA Deoxyribonucleic acid
  • Un. United Nations
  • UFO. Unidentified flying object

KLK is used colloquially to say ” hello ” or ” how is it “, and derives from the expression ” What is what is “, although by their way of speaking, Dominicans say ” WHAT IS WHAT “.

  • Synonym of Klk: hello, good, hey, tell me, what

The translation of klk in English is ” Whats Up “, but unlike these two words in English,  the meaning of klk can vary depending on the moment and / or purpose.

Klk Origin

The word KLK is born in MSN Messenger and then continues to spread thanks to Windows Live Messenger. Many believe that the word klk is born as a result of the influence of the urban genre on young Dominicans.