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Do you want to know what KLK means? This term can be found in several countries of the world, among the most common are Spain, Argentina, Mexico, Puerto Rico and any other Spanish-speaking country, but it is important to note that this expression is native to the Dominican Republic. Here at we make you aware of the meaning of klk. Started!

Klk is synonymous with“what is what”, which is an expression used to greet a person colloquially. This word has become very popular among young people, adding to the list of colloquial expressions in various countries and even becoming in the music market.

Uses and Synonyms of KLK

It is used colloquially to say “hello” or “how about,” and derives from the expression “what is there”, although by their way of speaking, Dominicans say “what”.

Among the synonyms of Klk we can find: hello, good, hey, tell me, how are you, how there is. Endless synonyms that lead us to a colloquial greeting.

The translation of this word in English is“Whats Up”, but unlike these two English words, the meaning of klk may vary depending on the time and/or purpose.

The word Klk originates from MSN Messenger and then continues to spread thanks to Windows Live Messenger. Many believe that the word klk is born as a result of the influence of urban gender on young Dominicans.

Klk in Music

  • In the Dominican Republic and several Spanish-American countries, Ceky Viciny sticky theme song “klk con klk” became viral, a moved theme song that currently features more than 16M of  YouTube views.
  • On June 26th, the Venezuelan album Kick of electronic and experimental music Arca was released. This recording material includes the song“Klk” with the Catalan singer “Rosalía“. The melody features a mix of urban genre and very dynamic and rhythm-filled electronic nuances.

We already know that when they tell us klk, that person is greeting us and we must be cut with him or her. We goodbye to thanking you for your trust in our library and invite you to continue to feed the powerful weapon of knowledge. A big hug!