Here we meet again, on this occasion to take you to know a sticky phrase that can inadvertently take hold of us, and you will wonder, why? Well! This is really due to a popular melody of the urban genre that has gone viral in different parts of the world. We recommend that you know the true meaning of Krippy Kush.

Krippy kush is a type of drug that has been reaching the vast majority of countries in the world, it is a higher concentration of Cannabis (marijuana). It also refers to the musical single“Krippy Kush”, released in 2017 and performed by Bad Bunny, Farruko and Tarik Johnston (Rvssian), with more than 680 million views on Youtube.

What is Krippy

Krippy is the same drug commonly known as marijuana, with the big difference that this plant has a much higher tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) content, which is an organic compound that produces the plant naturally.

Currently, there is a considerable increase in its THC content due to the genetic modification used by its farmers. These add chemicals to increase levels of dependencies on this drug and consequently obtain greater gains.

What Effects Does THC Have?

The high content of THC in the body are responsible for some inappropriate behaviors in its consumers, for example: paranoid effects, aggressive behavior, apathy, excessive hunger, etc. This is because said organic compound acts directly on the central nervous system, alternating the behaviors of the organism.

What is Kush

A cornerstone of cannabis strains (marijuana). Kush, is an Indica variation of marijuana. The word Kush is used to refer to a sub-group of strains, these varieties originating in plants native to and native to Afghanistan, Pakistan and India.

Many of them grow at high altitudes along the Hindu Kush mountain range, hence its name.

The demand for Kush is superior to any variety, among the most recognized kush varieties are:

We conclude with the fact that krippy kush is not only a rhythmic and sticky melody, it also has its harmful and harmful connotation. We recommend being away from these types of substances that attack our central nervous system affecting our behavior and our health status.