La Gallina Turuleca is a popular children’s song that has been liked by millions of children and adults alike. Next we will show you what is the meaning of la gallina turuleca , what are its origins and some more data.

The origin of la gallina turuleca comes from the children’s song album “Songs of the Farm of Zenon” published in 2010.

Thus, the meaning of la gallina turuleca is summed up to the name of a peculiar hen, this name is “Turuleca”.

According to the song, Turuleca is a very thin and hungry chicken, this chicken was bought by a character known as “The Neighbor.”

This chicken usually lays its eggs in all parts of the farm and the house, with the exception of the pen that is where it should be laid.

In this way we can intuit that the meaning of La Gallina Turuleca is ” Nutty or outdated hen”.

As such, this peculiar song was liked by the little ones, turning this theme into a hit within children’s Internet music.

Thanks to this popularity in 2020, a film based on this popular children’s song called “La Gallina Turuleca” was released.

In the Dominican Republic La Gallina Turuleca has uniquely penetrated this society, being the origin of the term “Put an egg.”

On the other hand In this same country in 2019 the song “La Gallina Turuleca” of the singers Crazy Design , Viciny and Bulin 47 was released .

Now you know what La Gallina Turuleca means

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