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Definition of Lambón

There are popular expressions that call attention to more than one and leave others curious, in this case we have the expression “Lambon”, a colloquial phrase widely used in the Caribbean region. In we will show you what Lambon means and what its origin is.

In the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and other Caribbean countries, the meaning of Lambon is “Person who follows or praises another for convenience.”

A Lambon is a person who is used to being helpful and flattering, usually towards someone of greater power or social status.

The lambon is always right to those who flatter, is willing to endure humiliations and always seeks to be close to the second person.

Finally, it is considered that these people tend to be extremely interested, since a “lambon” tends to get attached to someone from whom they want to obtain some benefit.

Lambon origin

The origin of the word “Lambon ” comes from the term “Lick Boots” a term used in countries like Spain to name a flatterer without dignity.

Another possible origin of Lambon , is the phrase “Lambiscón” which is widely used in the country of Mexico.

The word Lambiscon means “Person who defends someone else’s interests for interest.”   

In the colloquial dialect of the Dominican Republic and Puerto Rico, the word Lambon is also used somewhat differently.

In these countries a person who attends social events is called “Lambon ” in order to obtain free food or drink. From this practice the term “Lamber” was born.


We went to Juan’s birthday at Lamber – We went to Juan’s birthday just to eat and drink for free.


The Dominican singers Crazy Desing and Carlitos Wey (The teke teke) have a musical theme that refers to the phrase Lambón.

“You have to lambón, that Lambon sito .”

The teke teke.

Now you know what Lambon means in Dominican Republic