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Definition of Lampara

You will surely understand by Lámpara how, an object that provides lighting in certain low-light places, but that is not all what Lámpara means . Next  will tell you the true meaning of Lampara . Do we start

Lámpara is everything that becomes a container to control and reflect the light in a more optimal way. That is, a light concentrated or controlled by certain devices or objects.

Origin of the Lámpara

The oldest Lámpara dates from before the use of electric light.

These objects were handmade with some other features for their operation.

Using a wick and a handle to carry in hand, it should be noted that for its use it was needed as fuel, oil of some animal species.

Here are some examples of Lámparas:

  1. “Incandescent Lámparas” (common light bulbs, for example home ones)
  2. “The halogen Lámparas” (incandescent, but these are structured by a gaseous compound as the name implies, halogen)
  3. “Fluorescent Lámparas” (glass tube that produces ultraviolet radiation thanks to certain compounds that are responsible for emitting visible light)
  4. “Lamparas LEDs” (emit light through an electronic device thus creating the “electroluminescence)

Meaning of Lampara in Venezuela

In Venezuela, Lámpara can be a person who is in the place where some privacy is required.

Example: hey hey but don’t be Lámpara that right now I need to talk with Lucia!

Meaning of Lampara in Colombia

In Colombia, the use of the word Lámpara may be to designate a person who does improper things, such as stealing, smoking illegal substances, etc …

Example: look parce do not join that Lámpara so you do not get into trouble. 

You already know what Lampara means