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Definition of LMAO

With the advent of the digital age our day to day and social networks are increasingly united. That is why we must keep abremab charges about the new words or acronyms (acronyms) that are very strongly present in this virtual field. You’ve probably read the expression LMAO, and at times you’re not sure what it means. There’s no worry, you’ve come as usual to the right place. Here’s what we can do. Let’s go!

The acronym LMAO comes from Laughing My Ass Off and its meaning is Me cago de la risa“. This expression is used when responding to something that is very fun. Among the most widely used acronyms in informal youth internet jargon, it is one of the strongest. It should not be used in the professional sphere,nor in formal meetings because it is considered vulgar.     

Expressions With Lmao

It is commonly used in text messages, social media and in meetings with friends. Let’s look at a couple of examples to better understand:

Example 1

John: “Oh my God! How good was Sofia’s joke to Sara, did you see her?”

Pedro: “Yes, of course, I was LMAO”

In this example two people talk about a fact that ran in school and that they found very funny.

Example 2

Maria: “With that actor I’m sure the movie is going to be a great thing.”

Joseph: “Yes, I saw her and all the time I was LMAO”

In this example two people talk about a film that both agree that fun and entertainment is assured. Joseph uses the expression LMAO proving that he laughed a lot when he saw her.

The End

Now you know what LMAO means. Having greater depth in understanding its meaning will strengthen your responsiveness before applying it. From the Wan Shin Tong Library the message remains clear; continues to motivate you in that constant search for knowledge. Let us continue on this infinite path of knowledge!