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Definition of LOL

For these days where the internet has become so indispensable and is part of everyday life, there are words that are also very recurring in this environment. Now it’s the LOL turn, an acronym that has been very present especially on the various social networks, come with us to find out its meaning. Start!

The first thing to note is that LOL is not a word as such, but an acronym in English from “Laughing Out Loud”, which translated into Spanish means Riendo a carcajadas” or “Reírse fuerte“. However, LOL also means“Lots of love” which in Spanish means Mucho amor“. Let’s go! Read on and learn more.

Uses of the LOL Acronym

Here are some examples to better understand its meaning in both contexts.

We should mention first that depending on the intensity and emotion with which it is said, it can vary its meaning, from a simple “Ok… (cutting)”, up to a “WAO! (Very Surprised)”. See:

Example 1: “If you make a bad joke to a person and the person only says “Lol”; sure it’s a sarcastic Lol and actually that person isn’t really surprised or comfortable with the joke.

Example 2: If a person does something amazing, and someone yells or writes “LOL”. The meaning of LOL will be “I’m surprised.”

Example 3 to express love:

» Give me lots of love baby = Dame mucho amor bebé.

» Lots of love to you = Mucho amor para ti. 

LOL is a term that was popularized on social networks such as Instagram, Youtube, Facebook and Whatsapp. Its use is very common especially among the younger population and has a remarkable presence in today’s digital media.

Curious Note

  • LOL is also the acronym for League of Legends,a highly popular internet video game that has even been broadcast by the world’s ESPN sports network. 
  • In Maya mythology, LOL is the name given to the Moon, its full name is Lol p.né.

We’ve reached the end

It is of the utmost importance that, when using these types of words or acronyms, we are very clear about their meaning and everything related to it. This will make it easier to understand and we will get a greater scope with what we want to express.