Malianteo, popular term used by Latino youth under the influence of the urban genre. Next, at we will tell you where it came from, and with examples we will teach you how to introduce it into your vocabulary. 

The term Malianteo comes from criminal who is synonymous with offender, gangster or thug. This has become popular thanks to a musical sub-genre belonging to reggaeton. This arises from a fusion of Reggaeton, rap, hip hop and rapcore.

These songs are characterized by having lyrics that describe street stories, with topics such as violence, drugs, gangs, street fights, and street experiences.

Among the most popular exponents of this genre we can find:

  • Ñengo Flow
  • Archangel
  • Anuel AA
  • Hector the Father

Some popular songs from these exhibitors are:

  • Street combo 
  • Pa Frontiarlea anyone 
  • Street Flow