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Definition of MamaBicho

Mamabicho is a vulgar and derogatory expression, usually used in an aggressive and degrading way. If you want to know the full meaning of Mamabicho, keep reading and will tell you everything.

The term Mamabicho is a compound word; ” Mama ” and ” Bicho “. Mama comes from sucking, and Bicho, which in Puerto Rico is a term used to refer to the male reproductive organ .

Although this phrase can be seen in the Dominican Republic, Colombia, Venezuela, etc, this expression was born in Puerto Rico .

The portoriqueños can use phrases like:

  • “Stop bothering me, mamabicho.”
  • “Yesterday I went to work, and there was a mamabicho eating everyone’s donuts.”

Here are some terms that have the same meaning of mamambicho :

You know what mamabicho means .