Mamañema is a highly insulting word from the Dominican Republic that you should never use with anyone. However we will tell you the meaning of mamañema , because in we believe that knowledge is the first thing when making decisions.

Mamañema is a word made up of two parts (mama-ñema), used as a qualifying adjective by Dominicans. “Mama” comes from sucking, and “ñema” is the glande of the male member.

As we mentioned earlier, the word mamañema has a merely insulting and derogatory purpose. In the Dominican Republic it is common to replace the actual words by synonyms colloquialisms, for this reason we find words like ” KLKPalomoPamparatruchoMMGchapiadora ” etc …

Here are some sentences with the word mamañema:

  • This mamañema stole 100 pesos that I had stored in the drawer.
  • This palomo is a mamañema, it always comes with its choperia .

You know what mamañema means

Other meanings that may be of interest: