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Definition of Mamila

Mamila, is a word used in Latin countries such as: Colombia, Honduras, Mexico, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, among others, as a synonym for baby bottle . This is an object to give liquid food to babies.

Similarly, they are called Mamilla, the rubber silicone as a nipple, which is given to babies and children to suckle. Also known as a pacifier or pacifier .

With the use of this word, the fleshy area of ​​the breast in a mammalian female is identified, excluding the nipple. Similarly, the man’s nipple is called a bottle .

It comes from the Latin mamilla (used as a diminutive of mamma), which means ” tetilla” .

Mamila in Mexico

In Mexico, there is an additional connotation when using the word mamila. Mexicans use the term to describe a conceited or arrogant person. The nipples are people who remain highlighting their high status, possessions or abilities. They are characterized by being haughty.

Use of the word

Example 1:

“That ox is always shouting that he has a lot of money.”

“Yes, it is a custom that this bottle has.”

Example 2:

“None of you will have better grades than me, because my intelligence has no limits.”

“What does this bottle think?”

Sometimes, the terms nipple and strawberry are often confused, however, both terms have some relationship, but they do not mean the same thing.

The strawberry people in Mexico are those who have a lot of money, but do not go around the world voicing their economic power.

Cooking with a bottle on YouTube

Cooking with a mamila, is the name of the YouTube channel of “cholita”, a Peruvian woman who makes videos preparing various dishes of Peruvian cuisine.