Seguramente viste el  documental de Marichiweu  e inmediatamente, la curiosidad te hizo buscar el significado del No se preocupe,  Que- quiere  será su guía para que en cuestión de minutos  deje de preguntarse qué significa Marichiweu.  ¡Vamonos!

According to the inhabitants of the Mapuche village, Marichiweu is a war cry capable of awakening your gladiator spirit in a time of difficulty or battle; that is, a call to action that is in tune with euphoria and certainty of victory, giving those who shout it a great force to perform any feat successfully.

Marichiweu translation into Spanish is“Ten and a thousand times we will win”. Mary, means“Ten”; Chi, you mean“Beat” and Weu, it means“Victory. This expression comes from the Mapudungun language originating in the Mapuche people.

On the other hand, Marichiweu is also a book of poetry written in diptych, by Marlene Feeley. In this book, the meaning of Marichiweu is the same one mentioned above.

Mapuche Village

There is a great controversy over ignorance as to the exact provenance of the Mapuche People. Although The Mapuches reside in Argentina and Chile, many experts believe that they are native to Peru because of their characteristic features of that area.

The language used by the Mapuche people is known as Mapudungun, it is a language only used by this people. Although many believe that it relates to the language of Bolivia and Peru,it has not been found to be exactly similar to other known languages.

When we move to the etymology of the word Mapuche, it turns out that it comes from“Mapu”,which means “land or country” and“Che” means“person or people. Its etymological definition would be: “people of the earth or native” .

And now that you know a new war cry from the Mapuche people, we invite you to be part of this culture, will you wonder how?

Test your warrior spirit, fill your lungs with air and sing the cry of Marichiweu! In this way you will fill yourself with strength and “ten and a thousand times overcome” the difficulties of life.

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