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There is no doubt that by listening to or reading the word Mayaken immediately takes us to a mysterious terrain that invites us to discover it. This word of Aztec origin opens its way to our imagination and poses a new challenge or challenge to knowledge. Let’s start with this tour to find out all the details about Mayaken Join us!

The word Mayaken does not exist in the dictionary of the Royal Spanish Academy. Originally this word has no specific meaning in the native Mexican language known as Náhuatl (language from which this expression originates). However, it is popularly believed to mean wolf .

Mayaken on Netflix

Mayaken is one of the leading characters in the Mexican series of the American virtual streaming platform Netflix titled “El diablero”. This series is based at the same time on the horror book “The devil forced me” by Mexican writer Francisco Haghenbeck.

In this production, Mayaken is portrayed as a childish character of mysterious powers and spawned after a strange spell. In the facts of the plot, this child functions as a Black Angel, who is a type of angel with an affinity for dark powers .

During the progress of the series we are shown that Mayaken disappeared as a baby, and then reappears as a tween child. Later, it is revealed that after a series of murders where the victims bear the same birthmark as Mayaken, the game between life and death begins by being on the list of the next.

Musical theme

The Moroccan singer Amine Temri better known in the musical world as Aminux rose to fame in 2016 thanks to the single titled “Mayaken Ma”. As a result of his promotional theme he placed on the list of the five great Moroccan musicians.

Finally, we are already clear about the origin, meaning and some curiosities regarding the word “Makayen”. We continue to find new challenges to continue to expand our knowledge, we move together in the constant exploration of language.