Mazucamba is a tropical word that is surrounded by a certain grace and mystery that enchants more than one. Although not many people know the meaning of Mazucamba, today thanks to you will know it.

In a general sense the meaning of Mazucamba is “Natural rhythm that a person carries”, this “natural rhythm” is a popular characteristic of the people of the Caribbean.

On the other hand, Mazucamba is also a famous dance of the Caribbean region, especially Venezuela and Puerto Rico.

For some people in the Mazucamba region it means “State with a predisposition to dance”. In summary, this definition proposes Mazucamba as a feeling for dancing.

In the world of professional music, several Caribbean artists have mentioned Mazucamba in their songs over the years.

“Al natural”, mentions the “Mazacumba”

Tego Calderon
  • The Dominican singer El Alfa (the boss) in his musical theme Mera Woo, pronounces this word a great number of occasions.
  • Venezuelan interpreter Oscar de Leon has a song with the name of “Mazucamba”.
  •  The Cuban group Los Rivero also has a song with this title.

Next, we will present some examples of the use of “Mazucamba” in its different variants.

  • Today I feel a mazacumba inside – On this day I feel great desires to dance.
  • I have a classic Mazucamba. – I have a classic interior rhythm.


The word Mazucamba can also be pronounced as “Masucamba” in several countries of the Antilles.

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