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Definition of Mengao

Surely you wonder what is the meaning of mengao and why it has even come out as a topic in different media. Maybe you are a football fan, but you do not know the reason for this new nickname that is related to the flamengo club … However, you entered the right place, because here at we are going to tell you exactly what Mengao means. in Latin America. Shall we start ?.

Over time, the fans of flamengo (Brazilian Club) have joined different nicknames that have been popularized in football, even more so in this year 2019 by the Copa Libertadores. The penultimate nickname was “FLA” which currently became “El MENGAO”.

The Flamengo team stood out in the Copa Libertadores 2019, their best year in the history of football. So Mengao was crowned champion of the Copa Libertadores 2019, after beating River Plata 2-1 in Lima-Peru.

The true meaning of Mengao

Mengão in Brazil means “Mengo more than big”, and Mengo as we mentioned earlier, is one of the most popular pseudonyms derived from the Brazilian soccer club “FLA”, “MENGO” (FLAMENGO). It is for this reason that this year, the fans of this club had the idea of ​​relating a nickname that is part of the second pseudonym mengo.