You probably came here by chance or because you heard some urban music singer utter the words “Mera Woo.” In any case, as you have always come to the right place, here in,we will tell you exactly what Mera Woo means. Let the dembow sound!

The expression Mera Woo means “Look at this”, or more literally “Look what”. It is a colloquial expression native to Puerto Rico,a nation where it tends to mix English and Spanish in the vocabulary of its inhabitants. In the same vein it is very common to also listen to it to make a wake-up call to a person when deemed necessary.

The definition of Mera woo comes from the union of two words, which are as follows:

  • “Mera” which is a derivative of “Look” and is used when drawing attention.
  • “Woo” comes from the colloquial way of pronouncing Who, an English word that translated into Spanish means “Who” or “What”.

How to Employ Mera Woo?

You know what the meaning is, but so that you don’t have any doubts, let’s go through some examples using that expression.

#1 example:

“Mera woo this house is very big”

In this case it would be:

“Look that house is very big”

Example #2:

Mere woo! “I don’t have the flu, what I have is a cough”

In this case it would be:

Look at you! “I don’t have the flu, what I have is a cough”

Song Mera Woo

On December 18, 2019, Dominican rapper El Alfa “El Jefe” premiered in collaboration with Anuel AA and Lil Pump a song titled “Mera Woo”, the song is included within the album “El Androide”.

The public’s acceptance was remarkable to such an extent that it soon exceeded 13 million views on YouTube

It is important to mention that urban music then conceives terms that are added to its repertoire of the“urban musical language”. Expressions such as: perrear, pichar, pillé, guayo, tiraera and many more, are heard on the various musical tracks. That is why it is important to know each of its connotations.

In short, if you want to start using the Term Mera woo within the phrase repertoire in your colloquial vocabulary, you must be clear about the context and what you want to achieve or transmit. So Mera Woo is attentive to that!

Other meanings that may be of interest: