Micho Tito Gordo y Cabezón is a phrase made up of four words that at first glance appear to be nicknames or pseudonyms, but in reality they are not. Next, we will define each word and the true use of this albur .

Micho Tito Gordo y Cabezón is a sentence with a possessive adjective Mi, a noun chotito (diminutive of choto), and two adjectives gordo and cabezón.

  • Mi is a possessive adjective in the first person that is placed before a proper noun or a noun whose adjective gives an emphatic value to what is mentioned.
  • Chotito is the diminutive of choto masculine noun commonly used in Latin America whose term receives a different concept depending on the region. The concept that it shares in common with several countries is that of the bony male reproductive organ, penis and is also used as a pejorative term synonymous with homosexual.
  • Gordo is a masculine adjective that means abundant meat, very bulky and corpulent.
  • And finally Cabezón the second adjective of the sentence, this is a colloquial adjective whose direct meaning is big head, but this is also usually used to describe a person as stubborn and stubborn. Bighead is rather linked to the upper part of the penis known in anatomy as glans.

In short, Micho Tito Gordo y Cabezón or Mi chotito gordo y cabezón is My fat and large glans penis.

Other meanings that may be of interest: