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You may have heard this word on the street, or you read it on a social network like Instagram, Facebook, WhatsApp, etc, but if you are here, it is because you do not know or doubt about the meaning of mmg. Here at, we are going to explain what this word means and everything related to it. Let us begin!

The first thing you should know is that this term is the abbreviation of an adjective. It is known as an abbreviation for the reduced form of a written word or phrase used instead of the entire word or phrase.

Let’s see 5 simple examples of abbreviation:

  1. USA: United States of America
  2. b. C .; b. From C .:  Before Christ.
  3. Sr .: Sir.
  4. (a):  Alias.
  5. RD: Dominican Republic

The meaning of MMG in the Dominican Republic:

This is a qualifying adjective used as an insult by Latin Americans, in particular, by the natives of the Dominican Republic. The meaning of ” mmg ” derives from the expression ” mama guevo “, which in other Latin countries would be the same as “chupa ve * rgas”.

Guevo:  It is a term that Dominicans use to name the male genital “the penis”.

Frequently Asked Question:

What does mmg mean in English?:  Sucks dicks

You know what MMG means.