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Definition of Molineo

Molineo, in popular usage, designates the act of getting high with “Molly”, better known as “ecstasy” or MDMA. It can be confused in searches with “mill”, however, despite being similar, they do not present any relationship.

The Molineo is a word that is part of street culture. People who practice it, commonly ingest the drug in capsules or tablets orally. In this way, they alter their sensory, temporal and emotional perception. It is commonly used by teens and young adults who go to parties, clubs, or concerts to stay “happy” or “active.”

Other effects that Molly can have are: nausea, muscle cramps, blurred vision, chills, sweating, irritability, impulsivity, depression, anxiety, attention and memory problems, among others. Its effects last, on average, between 3 and 6 hours. It should be noted that it is a drug that is manufactured illegally and is considered dangerous due to its side effects.

Origin of the word molineo

The term molineo has become popular in Caribbean countries, mainly in the Dominican Republic, thanks to the song “Teteo Remix” by El Fecho RD X You R. It is a rhythm song and catchy lyrics that has millions of views on YouTube. In it reference is made to different drugs.

It is presumed that its origin took place in the frequent use of urban speech, product of the adaptation to Spanish of the English word “Molly”. This, because mostly, foreign words tend to be Spanishized with the suffix -ear, which indicates action or cause.