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Definition of Morocho

The term morocho is of great use in the American continent, especially it is used in countries like Argentina, Chile or Venezuela . Next we will show you what is the meaning of Morocho and what is its origin.

It is said that the origin of Morocho comes directly from the Andean Quechua language , where this term was normally written as “Muruch´u”.

Quechua is a language made up of several families of languages ​​from the Andes mountain range, which crosses several countries in South America.

In this way, the meaning of morocho can vary depending on the country where it is used, whether in Venezuela, Colombia or Argentina.

Meaning of Morocho in Argentina

In Argentina, the meaning of Morocho refers to certain physical characteristics and is defined as “Person with white skin and black hair”.

In this country as well as in Paraguay and Uruguay, this term is used to designate people with these specific characteristics.

A possible synonym for this Word in Argentina would be Trigueño or Moreno.

Meaning of morocho in Venezuela

In Venezuela, the meaning of this word lies in the family environment, that is, between two brothers, in this case twin brothers.

So in Venezuela, brothers born in the same birth are called Morocho, who in this case are not identical twins.

Other countries

In Colombia and Peru for example, the meaning of Morocho has to do directly with people of dark complexion or black skin.

Also, in these countries, people with black skin who inhabit these nations are often called Moreno or Prieto.

As an additional fact in some countries, the dessert recipe known as “Arroz con leche” is also called Morocho.

Now you know what Morocho means.