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Surely you heard the word moyeto and you found it very interesting, right? … You entered the right place, because is the site that defines each popular expression.

The concept of the word moyeto can sometimes be difficult to find because both mollete, moyete, molleto and moyeto are words used in Latin America and each one has its meaning. However, here we will tell you the meaning of moyeto , and this term is used in the Dominican Republic.

Meaning of Moyeto in the Dominican Republic

In the Dominican Republic, the word moyeto is used to refer to those men with good physical build, especially if they have abundant muscle mass.

Here are some examples of sentences using the word Moyeto:

  • Today I went to the gym and it was full of moyetos … it seems that they eat stones.
  • Today I said to an English guy “you’re very moyeto”, and he said “Moyeto meaning” … he’s rude.