The term in English language, is linked to the world of software and applications of use, also usually only appears when something has gone very wrong. Next we tell you what is the meaning of No Healthy Upstream and its origin.

The phrase No Healthy Upstream is born as a software error that prevents the operation of a certain application.

Literally translated from the English language the meaning of No healthy upstream in Spanish is “Rio arriba unhealthy”.

In the Spanish language this term does not seem to have a clear or logical sense, but in the Software world it is where it takes on a great meaning.

In terms of software development, Upstream or upstream is defined as the action of sending a patch or package to the administrator (s) to be integrated into the source code of that software.

In this way the meaning of no healthy upstream would be “Send unhealthy patch” making the term make much more sense.

No Healthy Upstream error is a kind of problem that usually appears when a program receives updates and something goes wrong.

This error is usually manifested in various ways, but the most common is when we are directed to a blank page with the written text “no healthy upstream” and everything else totally empty.

This error has appeared in different web pages and applications, one of its most notable appearances has been in Ebay shopping site.

You already know what no healthy upstream means in Spanish

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