The term Nolmuqta is formed by a set of peculiar words and is widely linked to the world of romance. Here’s what the meaning of Nolmuqta is and its hidden origin. Started?

The first thing to note is that “Nolmuqta” is an acronym (siglas) and its meaning comes from shortening and merging the romantic phrase: “Don’t forget how much I love you”.

It is not known exactly when the way to shorten this phrase is born, but it is believed that it appeared in the world of the tattooed. Since such a phrase can certainly be considered long for a tattoo, it is believed that from here the term Nolmuqta originates, with the intention of summarizing the message.

Nolmuqta has become a popular option (especially within the female audience) for performing a tattoo. On the other hand, although Nolmuqta can be interpreted in a romantic way, it can be said that this word can also be used in family terms alike.

Nolmuqta in The Social Networks

Outside the world of tattoos, it is often found in numerous images and messages that are shared daily on social media posts and websites. This was the main factor for Nolmuqta to become popular in Latin America.

A notable example is found on Facebook, in the fanpage “Between books and coffee”. Here is a post titled “Nolmuqta” that has been shared more than 208 thousand times, has more than 200 thousand reactions and 50 thousand comments. On Youtube there is an animated short film titled “Nolmuqta” by Diana Sharone Márquez Tapia

A Royal Tale of Nolmuqta

There is a story starring a couple who were united in holy matrimony for half a century. It tells how they implemented “Nolmuqta” in their long love story.

They kept as tradition from courtship, writing in unexpected places the word Nolmuqta in order to surprise each other and also to keep the flame of love alive.

Here’s a piece of one of the many letters you both shared: “I don’t know what my life would be like without you right now, I am infinitely grateful that you continue alongside me by writing this cute story. Nolmuqta”

It is clear that the word Nolmuqta is directly associated with romanticism and love. Expressing feelings is part of human nature, finding the best way to make it known corresponds to each one.