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Definition of Obo

The word obo is an expression that is used today to make jokes with our friends. It is usually used both in social network chats, and when physically sharing with known people.

On the other hand, this word does not have a specific meaning in official dictionaries worldwide. Which is considered a trend of young people, which could stay and become part of our vocabulary or could disappear like many other expressions.

The word obo is part of a gamble or play on words that seeks to confuse another person. The object of the joke is to get the person who is being deceived to say “What is obo?” Which, when pronounced quickly or unclearly, can be heard as “What Sobo?”

So the double intention of the joke comes into play, and the joker says “This!” This, referring to some part of the body, such as the genitals, that can generate discomfort or pain in the person who was deceived.

All this taking into account that the word “Sobo” is a conjugation of “sobar”. Being the word sobar defined by the Royal Spanish Academy in several ways. Among them, “repeatedly touching something by passing the hand”.

Furthermore, it is also defined as “repeatedly handling and pressing something in order to make it soften or soften.”

Obo memes

Many internet users have begun to take this word game to social networks. Creating memes and posts in which they share the phrase “What is obo?” and other variations of it, such as “Smells like obo.”

The objective of these memes is to create laughter among users, by confusing those who ignore this new chance. Above all, when they comment on the publications asking what they mean by it.

Also, many influencers and content creators have taken advantage of this new trend to gain followers.