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The word Omni is very significant because of the conceptual transformation it provides by accompanying other words. Etymologically it is from the Latin “Omnis” which is defined as “all” or simply refers to a “relationship with all”. Interested in learning more? Let’s go!

The word Omni is a prefix that means “everything”. In addition, it is a radical element strongly related to the field of theology, this due to the plus it generates in the word Omnipresent, which is used to define God as the only supreme being that can be “present everywhere”.

Words Prefixed With Omni

The term Omni provides an amplitude by preceding any word, encompassing all possible spaces. Here are several examples:

  • Omnimodo: It can encompass everything.
  • Omnisciente: The one who knows everything.
  • Omnipotente: That all can.
  • Omnicomprensivo: Understand everything.
  • Omnívoro: Eat all kinds of foods, vegetables, meat among others.

Contexts Related to the Word Omni

Omni has also been used to identify different aspects, do you want to know which ones we tell you?

This word identifies a mobile app used on Android devices to request taxis, sell or buy products and keep control of bank accounts in Costa Rica.

Omni Culiseum: It was named after a stadium in Atlanta that opened in 1992 and was subsequently demolished in 1997. In the United States it was commonly called “The omni” which translated into Latin means “everything”.

Omni (Magazine): This was published in the United States and the United Kingdom, a science fiction magazine that showed in its articles fantasy, short works of psychic studies and mysteries. This magazine was published in more than 5 languages and ceased publications permanently in 1997.


Surely we can’t be omniscient like God, but if you need to know the meaning of relevant words and complex expressions, don’t hesitate to visit our library, because we work hard to keep up and provide you with the most prominent content. Come back soon!