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Definition of P FKN R

The term P FKN R has achieved great popularity after being used in the title of an issue of the Puerto Rican Bad Bunny , and if you do not know it means P FKN R, then we ‘ll show the origin and meaning of P FKN R.

P FKN R is the pseudo acronym for the English term Puerto F * cking Rico , which refers to the Caribbean island of Puerto Rico.

Taking into account the aforementioned, if the term P FKN R is translated literally into Spanish it would be Puerto Rico Maldito .

It should be noted that this expression does not curse the Caribbean island but, on the contrary, exalts it within that context.

In this context, the expression indicates that the island of Puerto Rico is the maximum, and it functions as an exclamation of power.


In February 2020, urban singer Bad bunny released the song PKNR on his album YHLQMDLG which also features a music video.

As a curious fact, the title of this song is related to the title of the album since both are Pseudo Acronyms.

Now you know what P FKN R means