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There are words that just by listening to them automatically light our most curious side and encourage us to in fact on them, Palomo has that particularity. This Latin word (palumbus) is a very popular adjective in the Dominican Republic. Next, The Wan Shi Tong Library shows you what it means when a person is rated “Palomo”.

The term Palomo is a qualifier of fool; someone who is deceived or who is not very awake mentally. This word is used to rate a person who does not do what they should or is not very smart. However, it has different connotations depending on the context in which it is used. Here are some examples.

Expressions with the Word Palomo

  • This guy if he’s a Palomo, he had a date with Lucia and didn’t kiss her.” To refer to that it is slow (bobo), you do not know how to take advantage of the opportunities presented to you.
  • A chapadora approaches a boy in a nightclub and after a few minutes, he gives him 2,000 pesos to drink with him. That boy’s a Palomo, he had to turn to money in order to hold the female.
  • You’re Palomo Jose, don’t you realize that woman likes you? pointing him out naive for not understanding that the girl intends.

Palomo Concepts

Palomo is also understood to be a person who is entrusted with a secret and immediately goes and tells someone else, usually the one you least want him to know.

Likewise the word Palomo is also used to identify people who appear to have money or luxuries and do not really have it, or do not belong to them.

In addition, Palomo may refer to an unfair or treacherous individual. “Don’t trust that guy, it’s very Palomo“.

It should be noted that not everything is negative in relation to this word. In some regions of Latin America, people who are kind, who do not harm others and possess a noble heart are called Palomo.

Did you Know That?

El Palomo Cojo is the name of a Spanish comedy film directed and written by Jaime de Armiñán,released in 1995. His notable success earned him a nomination for the “Goyas Awards” in 1996 in the category of “Best Adapted Screenplay”.

End of The Tour

We put ourselves as a spearhead to always take you the details of those terms that motivate us to know more about them. We accompany you as your allies in the difficult task of deciphering the words that, like Palomo, come to invite us to meet them.

Now you’re clearer about this term?, We’re very happy!