We are completely convinced that you have already heard the word Pampara in countless places. But … what does Pampara mean? In comments, songs, on social networks, YouTube, Facebook, etc …, you can find it everywhere. If you want to know its meaning, we invite you to continue reading, since in Que-quiere-decir.com we will tell you what Pampara means and where this word comes from.

If we refer to the origin of the word Pampara, we will go to India; there, Pampara Panasa is a strong tree with large, round fruits, also called “Pomelos” or “Grapefruits” in other countries. However, this is not all of its meaning, since in the Dominican Republic this word has another meaning, one that we will tell you next.

More than 10 years ago, the term “Pampara” was adopted in the Dominican Republic by the urban genre, and there its meaning depends entirely on the issuer, since this word, like “pod” or “thing”, can replace almost any noun

In reference to the above, some examples would be the following:

  • Lied: “me vendió una pampara”.
  • Walk without fear: “no andar en pampara”.
  • He who has control: “el dueño de la pampara”.
  • The street is on: “la pampara prendía”.

The word pampara, is one more than a number of words used as colloquial synonyms of everyday expressions in the Dominican Republic. Among the most used words are: klk, wawawa, popi, palomo, guaremate, diache, penco.

You know what Pampara meaning in spanish

Other meanings that may be of interest: