In countries like the Dominican Republic , Venezuela and Puerto Rico the term panas works as a synonym for good friends or colleagues respectively.

Another possible variant to use this word is the one that refers to a specific group of people very similar to the word Coro.

In this context, the term Panas Full is also used, which works to designate two very close people or best friends.

The latter works as a cord enhancer, giving it a greater degree of forcefulness and granting a greater degree of friendship to it.

As a curious fact, this word appears in the musical theme Como Panas, by the Puerto Rican singer Bryant Myers .

Below are some examples of the use of the word Panas in their different contexts.

  • ” Pedro and Pablos are panas ” – Pedro and Pablo are friends.
  • ” These panas are the end ” – These guys are the best.
  • ” Alberto is my full pana ” – Alberto is my best friend.

Origin of the word Panas

The origin of this word comes from the term Pana, which means friend, but etymologically both words have a common origin.

The term Panas is possible that it comes from the word Panaca of the Inca language which meant Family in this pre-Hispanic language.

Another possible origin is the one that places this word as a deformation of the English term Partner.