There are words whose meaning varies according to the geographical region where we are located. Panocha is one of them. It can refer from an ear of corn to the female genital organ. Let’s inquire!

Various meanings are attributed to the term Panocha , the most common being “a spike made of thick grains that are tightly packed together, better known as a corn cob . ” In Mexico, the processed sugarcane sweet , also called “piloncillo”, is known as Panocha , used to make conical-shaped breads and desserts such as sweet pumpkin with honey, pipitorias, etc.  

Definition of Panocha in Spain and Latin America

In some regions of Spain, such as the Region of Murcia, a panocha is an ear of corn that once cooked is eaten with lemon and salt. It should be noted that Murcians are characterized by using lemon in a variety of foods as they consider it a fundamental dressing. 

The panocha in Colombia is a sweet bread stuffed with a mixture made from sugar, cheese and coconut. In Costa Rica , it refers to a stuffed empanada made with bread dough. 

On the other hand, in several Latin American countries such as Venezuela , Chile and Peru , this term is used to refer colloquially to the female genital organ. 

La Panocha in the musical field

“Panocha Remix”  is the title of the song by  Faraon Love Shady , which he performs in collaboration with Jon Z and Ele A El Dominio, whose official audio was published in June 2020 and already has more than 13 million views . 

The lyrics of Panocha Remix explicitly refer to the female genital organ and the action of having sexual relations. We leave you a fragment of it: 

🎶I love your pussy and your tits (your tits)

When you dance twerking, you get horny

You drive me crazy with pleasure (uh, I come)

With you, I want to dawn (fucking)🎶

Faraon Love Shady the interpreter of the Panocha remix

Faraon Love Shady is a Peruvian-born rapper who started out as an “influencer” in social networks, fulfilling challenges that went viral. His fans dubbed ” Hybrid gang ” are constantly showing their support.

Although his beginnings in the artistic environment were not easy, as he was the target of multiple ridicules; Pharaoh has gradually made himself known inside and outside his country. 

Finally, the term panocha has different connotations that can be confused or misinterpreted, but now that you know them, you will be able to better locate their meaning depending on where you are.