The Papiamento is the native language of islands of Curacao (islands near Venezuela), among which Aruba, although this is not all that means Papiamento.

We are referring to a Creole language whose lexicon comes from Portuguese, Spanish and mixed with words of Dutch, English, French origin, the indigenous Arawak language and various African languages.

For some, the language is based on an African-Portuguese mix that slaves brought from Africa and has evolved over time due to colonization and the geographical position of the islands.

Although the word papiamento derives from chattering (speaking), its origin comes from the word “papia”, a mixture of colloquial Spanish and Portuguese. 

According to the royal academy of the Spanish language, the meaning of papiamento is defined as: “1.Papear, speak confusedly. 2. It is said of the Creole language or language of curacao, in the Caribbean ”.

You already know what Papiamento is.

Other meanings that may be of interest: