Surely you ever heard someone being called or named as “Papotico”, and especially if you are from the Dominican Republic, but don’t worry, because if you had doubts about what papotico will tell you next. 

Papotico! It is a nickname that has gone viral because of a Dominican youtuber creator of content for entertainment, but if you thought that Papotico had a specific meaning, the truth is that it does not have, but often the people nicknamed “Papotico” are usually either very tall and robust or very small and thin, to allude to the nickname that has diminutive and augmentative references.

Examples of sentences using the word papotico:

  1. Tell papotico to come to scrub
  2. I have a son called papo, but I call him papotico because he is so chubby.

You know what Papotico means

Other meanings that may be of interest: