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Definition of Paraninfo

paraninfo is the hall of a university where important events have place, as investiture ceremonies or other academic positions as the opening of the course, conferences, lectures, but this is not the whole meaning of paraninfo.

If we generalize the definition of paraninfo, we can say that it is a university hall or other educational centers for holding public events, however, in order to know what paraninfo is, you must know the full meaning of this word.

  1. paraninfo is the name given to the person who announced the start of the academic year and who received the same name. 
  2. In academic centers, the paraninfo was a person who announced the entrance to classes, stimulating study with a rhetorical phrase.
  3. Paraninfo comes from the Latin-Greek paranymphus and means “best man of the bride and groom”

Analyzing the different definitions, we can say that the synonym of paraninfo is mediator.

Mediator: Who  acts or  intervenes  in a  matter.

You already know what is paraninfo.