There are words like Patek that are closely linked to prestige and exclusivity. If you are a luxury lover, you will definitely love to meet her. Below, we invite you to know the meaning of this word in Spanish. Started?

The word “Patek” refers mainly to the luxury watch manufacturer “Patek Philippe & CO”. The term“Patek” can be used to refer to something that represents money and prestige. It is also a surname of Polish origin

Patek Company

Patek Philippe & CO, is a company known for the manufacture of luxury watches since 1839. Its name comes from the fusion of the names of its founders, Antoni Patek and Adrien Philippe.

This company offers exclusive quality watches of high price, which has placed its name among the most sought after and luxurious over more than a century of trajectory.

Thanks to this, several prominent characters such as Queens Elizabeth and Victoria of England, great religious leaders such as the Popes, Pio IX and Leo XIII, artists of the likes of Pablo Picasso or the Beatles; have used the brand to add much more prestige to the name “Patek Philippe & Co”


At the end of 2019 to celebrate their 175th anniversary, they decided to craft the “Patek Phillipe Gradmaster Chrime 517R”. A prestigious watch worth $2.5 million, being manufactured only seven of them worldwide, of which only six were available for sale.

A key thing to note is the high price at which this brand offers its products. For example, your cheapest item is valued at about $7,000. We can also highlight that in 2014 one of these watches was added for the incredible sum of 24 million dollars.

Other Patek Contexts

Freddie Joseph Patek was an American shortscoon of Polish origin, nicknamed “The Flea”,this due to his short stature (1.65 Meters), representing a very striking fact for that era in the major leagues. It is important to note that in his time in the big tent, he played a leading role in being part of three different organizations: (Pittburgh, Kansas City and the Anaheim).

In addition, Patek is the name of a song track by singer Ozuna from his 2019 album Nibiru. In the lyrics of this theme you hear Ozuna, Anuel AA and Snoop Dogg, expressing “I changed the love for a Patek”. This means that he abandoned the one he loved for money and fame.

In conclusion, Patek immerses us in exclusivity in a stealthy and precise way, leads us to the path of the longed-for and tells us the signs to make dreams a reality. Let us continue to reap success on this path of discernment.