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Perreo intenso

Definition of Perreo intenso

Perreo intenso”, a phrase very common in Latin countries thanks to the great influence and consumption of songs that belong to the urban genre. Stay at to learn more about this popular phrase.

Perreo, first person conjugation of the verb perrear, neologism that means to dance perreo. Intenso is a masculine adjective of altin intensus, this adjective is synonymous with energetic, strong, powerful adjective perfect to describe the modality of this dance called perreo.

Taking into account the aforementioned, perreo intenso is a dance style that is characterized by making movements similar to dogs when they are mating.

This type of dance is very sensual and provocative, which is why it is called by some as “sex with clothes”.

Although the origin of this term is not very clear, it is linked to the late 1990s in Puerto Rico and this modality quickly spread to the Dominican RepublicColombia, Venezuela, among other Spanish-speaking countries.