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Definition of Perreo

Surely you are wondering what is perreo and where that word comes from, right?… Well, don’t worry because then we will tell you everything you need to know about this and other words derived from it. Do we start

Perreo is a dance style that is characterized by imitating the movement of dogs. In this dance, participants have to move their hips like dogs do when they are mating.

Meaning of Perreito

1. The perreito is a ” diminutive ” of the Perreo, a “tender” way of saying it.

The word perreito used in a sentence:

  • Mariah likes the perreito.
  • The perreito can be danced with  reggaeton .

Perreito in English:

  • Grinding,  Freak dancing,  Booty dancing
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Words related to Perreito:

  • Dance
  • Reggaeton
  • Urban
  • Music
  • Dog
  • Waist
  • Sexual
  • Movements

Meaning of Perriabas

The word perriabas is part of the verbs in the past tense and is derived from the word  perreo .

The word Perriabas refers to the fact that in the past this person danced with this dance style.

Some examples of the word Perriaba being used:

  • I remember when you perriabas, you danced down at a Marquee Party.
  • Perriabas at school, now don’t tell me you don’t know how to dance.