Picha is a colloquial term with different meanings depending on the demographic area in which it is used, which is why at que-quiere-decir.com you will learn the different meanings according to the country.

In Colombia , picha is used colloquially with different concepts, example:

  • Common name of the penis,
  • It is used when a person is angry to point to a synonym for pod in Latin America,
  • Decomposing food,
  • Conjugation of pichar in the present tense, a verb used as a synonym for fornicating,
  • Boring looking event or situation,
  • Synonymous with lagaña.

In Costa Rica , picha is used to point to the masculine masculine member, and this is useful to form compound words used as insults, example:

  • Carepicha – Carepichilla as a diminutive

In Spain , it is synonymous with penis. In Mexico it means vulva, in this country the term Picha as a synonym for penis is in disuse.

In Nicaragua and Panama, it is used as a synonym for penis.


Picha has its origin in the old Castilian pixa with similar words as picho, pija, bija and pishar. From its origins this is a colloquial word synonymous with penis.

Other synonyms for Pitch are:

  • Phallus
  • Virile member
  • Whistle