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Definition of Pichear

Pichear is a colloquial term that has become massive known thanks to urban artist Bad Bunny and his new album. Stay at The Wan Shi Tong Library so you know everything about this word.

Pichear comes from the English pitch , a verb that means launch and the suffix –ear. This can be used with different connotations.

Colloquially pichear refers to ignoring or forgetting, while in sport it means throwing the ball at the opposing team’s batter.

Meaning of Pichear in Latin America

Chile: Synonymous with urinating.

Colombia: Term used as a synonym for having sexual relations and usually has a vulgar connotation, it is also a synonym for ignoring.

Dominican Republic: Used to refer to the throwing of the ball.

Ecuador: Synonymous with sexual relations like Colombia.

Mexico: It is used to invite someone to eat or drink.

Puerto Rico: Synonymous with ignoring or ignoring someone’s comments.

Paraguay: It is synonymous with angry.

Venezuela: This is commonly used in meetings to refer to whoever is willing to pay the bill.


The word pichear comes from the song IYo perreo sola, from the Bad Bunny album released in February 2020, YHLQMDLG .

In this song we can mention the part of the song that says “Ante tú me picheaba, ahora yo picheo”.

The message is clear, before you ignored me now I ignore you. Making use of the meaning that this word has in Puerto Rico.