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Definition of Pilonea

Pilonea is a very characteristic expression of the Dominican Republic that refers to the action of having sexual relations . Exactly, it is when the woman is on top of the man making circular movements.

It is said that this term is used as a desire and emitted from the woman to the man, for example.

“Daddy I want to pilot you.”

This expression is part of the group of words used in the popular Dominican language and its origin is unknown.

Popular Dominican Phrases

  • Aplatanao = lacking in intellect
  • Buqui = he wants to eat it all
  • Chichi = baby
  • Concho = public transport vehicle
  • Grillo = woman who is not of good to seem
  • Jablador = liar
  • Jumo = high state of intoxication
  • Tomb Dust = someone negative
  • Pariguayo = bobo

What is a pylon?

  • It is known as a stone in the shape of a container where water originating from a source is stored. It is mostly used as a trough or laundry.
  • Pylon also refers to a number of stacked things .
  • Sugary bread

Definition of Pilonear

This word refers to the action of mutilating the ears or loosening the ears .

It was a practice widely used in ancient times towards horses to prevent the theft of these animals. Having an unappealing appearance, thieves were self-conscious.

La Berunta and its theme Pilonea

As “ Pilonea ”, the musical theme of dynamic rhythms belonging to the Dominican artist La Berunta is also titled . It is a musical piece released in 2014 that has more than 200K Views on YouTube. The remix of this production was created in collaboration with Paramba and Musicologist .