The word popi is an adjective that is currently being widely used in countries such as the Dominican Republic, Argentina, Venezuela, Colombia and other Latin countries. Dominicans use this term in a positive way, on the other hand, for Venezuelans the meaning of popi is a very different one.

Meaning of Popi in Dominican Republic

Popi, in the Dominican Republic is synonymous with beauty and wealth. The Popi people are characterized by being very attractive to care much their physical appearance and may even have hobbies and expensive tastes. Therefore popi is a variation of the term ” Strawberry boy or girl “, but where the appearance is the core .

Popis are not careless, and it shows both in their way of being, as in their physique. In other words, the popis take care of their way of dressing, their physique and always try to highlight their elegance by giving a touch of sensuality to their life.

Among the synonyms of popi can be found : ATTRACTIVE, SEXY, FINE, PRETTY, DELICATE.

Meaning of Popi in Venezuela

Before understanding the meaning of popi in Venezuela , we must tell you that this word originates between the 70s and 80s on Venezuelan television, when a unique clown who starred in the program called “ the popy show ” was released. which became very popular among the audience for many years.

Due to the popularity of the television program the term popy was equivalent to “clown.” Since then in Venezuela the word popy or popi is that person who is always a humorist, “becoming the clown”, in a frankly complicated situation.

It is also associated with “irrational anger,” where someone becomes sensitive; bothering about something you shouldn’t. From here the example of: (“From one moment to another he got popi and went to his house annoying”).

Other meanings that may be of interest: