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Definition of Popiwa

Popiwa is a combination of two words and has become an adjective used colloquially in the Dominican Republic by lovers of the urban genre. Here at we will tell you what popiwa means and everything related to this word.

The word popiwa derives from “popi” and “wawawa”; two terms used to divide the social class of Dominicans. Popi are people raised without financial deprivation and / or who are endowed with a good physical appearance. The Wawawa , these are the people raised in poor neighborhoods, lovers of the tigueraje and the mallianteo; people with more precariousness than the popi.

Popiwa has become popular thanks to “ Lo Blanquito “, an urban music band from the Dominican Republic ; which has used this word as a title for one of his songs. However, the word Wawawa is authored by Rochy RD , an urban singer also from the aforementioned country.