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Definition of Priorización

Priorización is ordering objects, situations, people or activities according to their importance . Thus, what takes precedence is first compared to the other.

It comes from the Latin prior , which means “previous”. It refers to something being prior to another thing, person or situation.

How to Prioritize

To prioritize, it is ranked in order of importance. Time and money are the two most common factors that lead to Priorización.

What to Prioritize

Spending is prioritized for greater effectiveness in administration, whether public, private or personal , when not everything that is in the budget can be covered. This is decided in order of priority.

The doctors should prioritize, according to the importance or urgency, the actions that are necessary to preserve the welfare of the patient.

In business, setting priorities helps justify the use of limited resources. For this, there are computer programs that help to establish priorities in a specific business environment .

In an emergency, such as an earthquake, a pandemic, a large explosion or others, where many patients are in a state of seriousness, it must be decided who to attend first , that is, prioritize.

Prioritizing also means giving preference to one item, without totally ruling out another, such is the case of a player who must accept a contract from one of two teams. By prioritizing one team over the other, you are giving preference but not totally ruling out the other.

There are traffic signs that indicate the right of way. By seeing the sign, drivers need to know when to pass and when to wait for another to pass. This helps order and safety in traffic.