Profano, I finish that can cause curiosity, since it can be linked to hidden topics, stay at so that you know more about this word.

We can translated as profane. According to RAE Profano is a masculine adjective, its meaning is something that is not sacred. 

The etymology of this word is linked to the Latin profanum, Latin prefix whose meaning is opposite and fanum which means temple.

By the etymology of this word we could interpret profano as something that is before the sacred or separated from time.

Profano derives from the verb profanar which is often used to refer to religious vandalisms, such as profane sacred objects.

But this word not only has a concept linked to religion.

A person called profane can be someone who is characterized by living in a rampant way and enjoying liberties and excesses.

It should be noted that a profane person can also be the one who dresses in an exaggerated and modest way.

Synonyms of profano

  • Laic
  • Lego
  • Secular
  • Libertine
  • Unchaste

Curious fact….

The desecration of graves is given by a group of people who take the task of visiting cemeteries and doing vandalism, such as destroying headstones.

These people are called profaners and in recent times these people have made profanity a trade, since they can sell the osamenta.